Sunday, May 20, 2007


Finally finished:


I didn't have to use the fourth skein of Regia Silk so hopefully I still have the receipt. I had a terrifying amount left:

I will have to add elastics to the tops because they slouch like crazy. I guess I should have added 8 extra stitches instead of 16 but I was too lazy to do my own math. They're also a tad too short, like every project I make, because I get too eager to finish. One's even slightly shorter than the other.

But they're very silky and comfy and finished before it's too hot to wear them!

After some slight modifications....

Clessidra #1 is complete!

Knitpick's Gloss has been very nice to knit with. I will post the modifications on my blog (for a smaller Clessidra). I hope that Gloss is durable too!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

First sock is now ready!

I just finished my first Clessidra. The sock's pattern is easy and beautiful. I start the first decreases accidently too late. In the beginning I did four times the pattern before I started decreases. When I notice this little accident I don't want to release what I have knitted.
In the heel I changed the Moss stitch to the confirmed heel. When I finished the first sock I think this is good. Only the leg is a little too big. I have to sew elastic in the ribbing, that leg don't roll in ankle.

So, now I have to do the second sock....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Number two done!

That is two socks, not two pairs.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Angelpix? Yoohooo!!!

HEY! I hope you see this post, b/c I can't find you. I'd love to help you with your decreases, but am unable to email you b/c no email address was left with the comment you left on my blog.

Just in case you see this and just don't want to email me. :)

I decreased every 12 rounds (once per pattern repeat) 3 times. Then every 6 rows 3 times.
Then every 4 rows until I was down to the regular number. Unless you've got thick ankles or a bigger than average foot, I would go with the pattern from ankle down.

hope that helps!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

To the heel!

I finally finished one leg of my socks! I originally thought I was going to have to do one more round of the hourglass cable, but when I tried them on tonight they were a perfect length. I finally got faster at the cables towards the end, so I'm crossing my fingers about working on the next one. I made a few mistakes (most obviously in the seed stitch), but I decided I would rather live with it than have to rip back far enough to fix it. The picture below illustrates something I was trying to explain to my patient boyfriend. One skein (of Knit Picks Gloss) = one ball of yarn = one leg of a knee sock!