Wednesday, May 2, 2007

To the heel!

I finally finished one leg of my socks! I originally thought I was going to have to do one more round of the hourglass cable, but when I tried them on tonight they were a perfect length. I finally got faster at the cables towards the end, so I'm crossing my fingers about working on the next one. I made a few mistakes (most obviously in the seed stitch), but I decided I would rather live with it than have to rip back far enough to fix it. The picture below illustrates something I was trying to explain to my patient boyfriend. One skein (of Knit Picks Gloss) = one ball of yarn = one leg of a knee sock!

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knitty34 said...

How are you liking the gloss? Do you find that it has enough "bounce" to keep the sock up on your leg? I am trying to find a cheaper substitue for the regia silk