Thursday, April 5, 2007


Well, I did what I always do, stopped paying attention. I noted the pattern of leg decreases and proceeded to go forth, pausing only to check the number of stitches before the k2tog on each decrease row.

Doing so, I failed to see that from decrease row 6 onwards, the amount of rows between decreases is reduced.

I had just finished decrease row 10.

The green stitch marker shows the point at which the pattern is still correct. Needless to say, I am pretty bummed out. I am not finding the pattern hard so much as time consuming... and this setback isn't helping to cheer me up.

So, those who have made it past the ankle shaping: is there any way I can salvage this knitting? The sock still seems to conform well to the shape of my leg, though the decrease section doesn't curve as prettily as in the knitty picture. I am fairly resigned to ripping, but I thought I would ask your opinion first.

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jill said...


I had to think about this a while and I'm still not 100% sure it will work.

Work the remaining decreases now (start where you left off). SKIP the part where you work 4" of cable c because you are going to be subsistituting the missing decreases. Work your heel as written. Make same design alteration on the second sock. ;o)

Liz T. said...

No advice - just commiseration. I did the same thing, but ended up ripping it out.

Heather G. said...

Jill: thanks for weighing in... I figured I could do that, but I wasn't sure how important the Chart C portion was overall. I think I will give this a shot... and make careful notes!

Liz T.: thanks for the commiseration. Maybe the rest of the knitalong will learn from our mistake?