Monday, April 2, 2007

Yay Kneesocks!

For some reason, knitting kneesocks has been on my brain since Christmas. I saw Clessidra and I knew I had to cast-on!

I've been knitting for about four years now, but this is my first ever knit-along. I've got a bad habit of keeping too many projects on the needles at the same time - I've never started a project because I didn't have anything else to work on...I start something because it catches my eye. My sister and my friends call it knitting ADD, and it's bad. I've also never completed a full pair of socks. I've made three separate socks, but never a complete pair of socks. My hope is that by being part of a knit-along, I'll be motivated to complete a full pair.

I'm using the KnitPicks Essential in burgundy - if they come out well, I'd like to make a second pair in dusk for my mom for Mother's Day.

Thanks for having me - I'll post pictures ASAP of my progress (which isn't far, considering I cast-on on Wednesday).

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IslandHeidi said...

Here's a trick I use to make sure I finish the pair of socks. I knit down to the heel on the first one. Then I cast on the second and knit to the heel. Then I go back and forth between the two until they are both done ... at the same time...voila!