Monday, April 2, 2007

Regia Silk Sale

For anyone who hasn't bought yarn yet (or who wants to make more socks!), I discovered today that the Regia Silk called for in the pattern is on sale over at Webs.


gabriella said...

Hello all! First off, I'm really enjoying seeing all of your beautiful stockings taking shape. Very cool beans.

Also, just to let you know - the link to Webs above is actually to the 6-ply Regia Silk, which is DK weight. So, that's a really good deal for Regia in general and you should get on that, but this pattern calls for the fingering weight Regia Silk, which Webs seems to have only in mutli-colored shades. Just FYI!

Happy knitting. ~gabriella

CynCyn said...


thanks for the heads up. :)

busybee said...

Whoops! My bad. I should pay more attention to these things. I get so distracted by the pretty colors and low prices. :) Thanks for catching me!