Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Very, Very Happy!!

There's been a grin on my face since I found this KAL yesterday. I've been wanting to knit these since I first laid eyes on them. Now I'm trying to decide on my yarn. I really want a shaded solid effect like Lorna's gives but am not so sure which particular brand will perform the best and be the best value for this knit. And do they truly take more than 800 yds?!?!? Any suggestions?


Glenna C said...

I think the designer mentioned in her blog that she used just over 4 skeins of the yarn in question - so yep, you should probably get 800 yards or something close, to be on the safe side!

There are some solid colour sock yarns at KnitPicks, if you are able to order within North America, and also some from Fortissima, and Socks That Rock have some semi-solids as well if I remember correctly.

jill said...

I've finished mine (bad blogger, I know) and used under 2 skeins of Knitpicks Bare sockweight. I'd say I used a skein and a half but won't swear to it since I do not have a scale. Better to order more and be safe, especially if using a colored yarn, than to order only exactly what the pattern states. This is a FUN knit so worrying about yardage would drain the joy out of it.

Yes, Pictures coming soon, I promise!