Sunday, March 18, 2007

Completely Obessed

I've been astutely ignoring almost everything and anything that I should be getting done this weekend, so that I can continue to knit on this beautiful pattern. Do I care that my hands are a wee bit sore/cramping b/c I'm in poor knitting condition from lack of work out? NO.

I love how it's turning out and I'm happy with the way I increased. I love how the ribbing flows into my cables... I'm not sure if it would've happened that way if I had increased a different way.

Also, FYI, when I got to the leg decrease section, the pattern says

Leg Decrease Round 1: K5, k2tog, k4, work in pattern to last marker on Needle 3, k4, k2tog, k5; work in pattern to end. 108 sts.
Work 11 rounds in pattern.

What I did:
Leg Decrase Round 1: K9, k2tog, k8, work in pattern to last marker on needle 3, k8, k2tog, k9; work in pattern to end. 124 sts.

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Glenna C said...

Nice work, Cynthia!