Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Do not complete this round"

Sooo...because you slip the last cable section to become the start of the next round for the ankle shaping, did everyone who's gotten that far begin that cable's next twist one row earlier when it came due for the others? Or should I still treat it like it's the end of the last row, since it belongs to that part "in pattern?"

I haven't seen anyone else mention a concern about this..



jill said...

I stopped right there, rearranged the stitches on the needles and continued to follow the chart. I did not twist out of sequence. I viewed the "do not finish this round" as "pay attention: move stitches around, continue noting new beginning point for rounds". Now whether that is actually the correct way, I do not know. It worked fine for me.

KnittingAgent said...

So, even though the last cable is at the beginning of the "new" needle, you still treated it like it was the last part of the pattern round?

That's what I was going to do, but...somehow I needed to think it through, in case there was a reason to synch the cables further on.

Thanks Jill!

jill said...

That is exactly what I did. I always think I must be some type of knitting mutant because when it comes to socks, I pay little, if any, attention to where the round begins once I get close to the ankle/heel...I make it where I want it to be.

Nothing wrong with thinking aloud (or with one's fingers). I do it often to help cement things in my mind. ;o)

KnittingAgent said...

Hmm...but -- now that I'm at Cable C, if I'm strict about not cabling the first half of it on the first needle until its usual time, that pair of cables will be out of synch.

So..I dunno. Hmm.

KnittingAgent said...

...not that it matters much either way! I'm just anal about things like this I guess. Heh.

I think I'll just start treating it like one double-halved cable, and nevermind that there are only 2 build-up rows under one half to the other side's usual 3.