Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hello! and request for input please

Hi everyone! I love this pattern... so pretty. My knitting time has recently suffered a significant trauma (as I started my doctoral program) but I couldn't stop myself from casting on for this pattern as soon as I had a free minute.

Problem: I have big calves, which Gabriella so nicely describes as 'extra curvy.' To account for the extra girth, I've cast on an extra 16 sts (for a total of 92 sts) instead of the 76. After I finished the ribbing section, I realized I was stumped for the next row:

Next Round: K2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2, [k2, m1, p2, m1] 5 times, k2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2, [k2, m1, p2, m1] 4 times. 110 sts.

So, should I end up with 126 sts (110 sts as pattern notes + 16 extra that I cast on?) Or should I have a proportionate # more of increases too?

If you check my personal knitting blog, you'll see that I am cursed by being a wee bit impatient. I ran into this problem early this afternoon, and couldn't wait around for the answer. What I've bravely (or stupidly... depending on how this works out) forged ahead and done was this:

Next Round: K2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2, k2, p2 [k2, m1, p2, m1] 5 times, k2, p2, k2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2, k2, p2 [k2, m1, p2, m1] 4 times, k2, p2. 126 sts.

I figured that I don't need more than 2 inches added to the circumference, and additional increases would be overkill. What do you all think? Would you have done something different?

Can't wait to see everyone's progress!

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Glenna C said...

Cyn Cyn - I was looking over the pattern trying to figure out your question and I can't think of another way to do it! I did go ahead and send the designer a quick email to see if she had any suggestions for fitting in the extra sts. It is a shame there aren't clearer directions for up-sizing! I will probably add 4-8 more sts on mine as well.