Thursday, March 15, 2007

Like sand through the hourglass, these are the socks...

Ok nevermind that...I was never a soap opera person...but these ARE cool socks! Thanks Glenna for hosting this KAL!

About me and socks, well -- I am so far not quite the sockaholic that I know some are, but I always appreciate an eyecatching complex stitch pattern and great "lines." I'm also not very big on the super variegated yarns that tend to dominate the sock world, but since utterly solid yarn doesn't tempt me much either, I find myself gravitating to combinations of somewhat subtler variegations or ombres -- and then jamming them into complex stitch patterns. I know the 2 qualities compete with each other, but heck...I'm goin' with it for now.

I have started these socks with some stash yarn that was gifted to me by my wonderful fiance last Decemberween. Fittingly, it's Italian yarn -- good old Cervinia Calzetteria in Verona (bottle green/pearl gray). My needles are size 0. Progress will be far I've done the top rib and 9 pattern rows. I'll add a pic in a later post. :)

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Glenna C said...

that sounds like a nice shade of greenish grey - can't wait to see pics. These will be my first pair of knee socks as well, so no doubt I will have some slower speed too!