Friday, March 16, 2007

Hi All!

Just a quick post to say hello :)

I love these socks - but, I could use some help on yarn choices. I have a weird thing going with socks...I haven't managed to finish even one sock yet, after trying a couple patterns. So, I don't really even know if they'll fit me...

But anyway. I'd love to use the Regia, but I can't find any around here. Can anyone think of some solid color yarns to sub in that wouldn't require too much pattern doctoring?


jill said...


I would say that any yarn you like and can get gauge with will work. I subbed the Knitpicks Bare 100% Merino for mine because that is what I had on hand and felt confident that matching dye lots would not be a huge issue with a natural. The pattern does have directions for a larger calf measurement, if I remember correctly.

Glenna C said...

Hi Amber!
Just about any fingering-weight yarn should work with this pattern as far as i can tell. There are solid colour sock yarns at KnitPicks if you can order from them; In other lines there are Lang Jawoll, Lorna's Laces semi solids, Apple Pie, Dale Baby Ull, Fortissima Socka...Regia has some non-silk solid I believe, too.