Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ordered yarn

I just wanted to chirp in and say hallo and that I am on my way to start knitting - I have ordered yarn. I found a Opal-yarn in a solid color that I hope will work. I tried to look for Regia silk here in Sweden but with no luck. So soon, very soon I will start knitting these lovely socks.

It is however good that I didn't have any solid colors at home. Because thus I get time enough to finish the socks in Jitterbug that I am knitting right now. I don't mind having several WIPs on the go (and boy - do I already have that), but once in a while it would be nice to finish something too.

Hanna in Sweden


the Knitting Realtor said...
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the Knitting Realtor said...

Hej Hanna, jag är en del svenska...I don't know a lot of Swedish but I can read it pretty well. :) Varifrån i sverige kommer du?

Ha det så bra med sockorna!


[edited to change the word I had used for "socks" before because...umm.]

Hanna said...

Hej Suzanne

Kul med en svenska till.

I live in Gnesta, which is about 80 km south of our capital Stockholm.