Friday, March 30, 2007

Joining the Pack

Greetings All!

I fell in love over Clessidra as soon as I saw the new Knitty, and found to my utter surprise that the only sock yarn in my stash with sufficient quantities was Regia Silk in a soft gray. I flip-flopped for awhile since I doubted that gray would do much for my already pasty legs, but when it came time to pick up stitches for a sweater-in-progress, I cast on for Clessidra instead.

This isn't the first time I have done cables, but I am finding the teeny traveling cables challenging... it is hard to keep the reverse stockinette areas as even as I would like. Nevertheless, I had the chart memorized somewhere around the third leg decrease and things are moving fairly smoothly.

At the time of this picture I think I am just past the 8th leg decrease.

Some of you have stated concerns about your calves being more curvaceous than the designer's... my worry is the opposite: I have spindly legs, and while the sock seems to stay up fine when I test it out, I worry that in practice it will quickly sag. Is anyone considering sewing in elastic thread afterwards?

Anyway, I am happy to have found you all! I am drooling over all your luscious colours. Thanks for the inspiration!


jill said...

I will probably sew in elastic thread when I am finished just because the thought of maybe droopy socks will drive me nuts.

I think once these socks are blocked (I never block socks but will these!), the stitches will even out wonderfully.

Love the yarn you picked!

Lucy said...

I, too, have spindly legs, and the only other knee socks I have made (Anna from Rowan #40) have ties at the top to keep them up - even so, they droop if I don't tie them quite tight. I haven't cast on for Clessidra yet (haven't even looked at the pattern thoroughly, I admit...), but I have a feeling I may be in the same boat as you. Elastic sounds like a good plan.