Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something to get excited about

As soon as I saw this pattern on, I had to knit these luscious knee socks. Who doesn't need a pair of sexy knee socks. Off to the local yarn shop I went. "Regia Silk" she said, "no one would pay that much for socks!". Needless to say, she didn't have the yarn, nor was she going to get it. Have you heard anything so insane. "I would buy it!" I told her. Oh well, since I just had to start right away, my first pair of Clessidra will be in plain ol' regular burgundy of course. Many thanks to Gabriella for offering up this pattern on Knitty!

So far it is knitting up just beautifully and I can't wait to get home from work each day to knit. I am finding that I really have to be sure to mark each row as I complete it so I don't get lost. There are already many pencil marks on my charts. One day someone should invent an easier way to keep track.

Would love to hear what yarns other people are using, and where I can get them in Canada.



Hanna said...

Lucky you Heidi - that could start immedieately.

These socks will be my first knee long socks and I am eager to get started.

Hanna in Sweden

Glenna C said...

Hi Heidi!
Well, clearly the LYS owner has not felt the glories of silk/wool blend around her legs. I'm sure the regular Regia will do!

I'm planning on using Gloss from KnitPicks, in the burgundy colour. I have it ready and waiting just as soon as I finish the darned 2nd sleeve on my current sweater! ;)